Mark 2.0 Podcast

The Covid 19 Lie has affected the whole world. We now live in a society where it is us

vs them and we are fighting for our last rights. With the Mark 2.0 Podcast I interview

guests from all over who are actually standing up for this lie from a humanitarian aspect.

God gave us a mind to see through this lie being placed upon all of humanity in the

name of a plandemic. So many individuals have been sucked into the matrix and chose

to participate in these crimes against humanity, while we are fighting for our last rights.

With my podcast I interview guests who are not under the political mind control game

and are aware of what is really going on with this evil plan. I have been blessed with a

voice and I am equipped with the mind to and the skills to seek out guests from all over

and even pair guests on the podcasts that I know will be a great combination for my

podcast episodes. There are not a lot of us speaking up boldly with a voice who aren't

bought and sold by some organization.

COVID is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on all of humanity and I choose to not

participate in this. Because of standing up can no longer work for a corporation or entity

supporting this lie and I have been thrown into the platform of doing this full time. Any

donation would be greatly appreciated.

You can donate via paypal  if so led to do so.

Much love to everyone standing against this. May God bless you and give you discernment to know right from wrong and protection against the evils of this world.

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